Pea and Mushroom Risotto

A nice comforting risotto that is full of flavours and low in carbs. Three different combinations in this recipe create three types of risotto. My favourite is the Freekah with lots of wild mushrooms.

Chocolate Truffles.

Please don’t judge my Chocolate Truffles by their look. These chocolates are simple but they are so divine! If you see the ingredients, you may agree they are also weight loss chocolates.

Grilled Salad

If you love your vegetables and want to try a new way of preparing them into a delicious salad, please read further.

Pulled Lamb Shoulder Bake

This is just a warm home made dish, which did not require any research, only imagination and creativity. I think it is a perfect meal for a winter weekend.

Celeriac Croquettes Recipe

Croquettes My recent holidays in Spain inspired me for croquettes. The tapas variations in Spain are endless, and the croquette is the most common one.¬†Traditionally croquettes are made with¬†potatoes. There are regions in Spain that use paella for croquettes. My new croquette recipe uses celeriac that is sometimes called “root of celery”. This vegetable is…

Beet Dolmades Recipe

Beet Greens Beetroots are so good that the greens do get ignored very often. If you buy new season beetroots with greens, don’t throw the leaves away, they have a higher nutritional value than the beetroot itself. You can use them as you would use spinach. Beet greens supply good amounts of protein, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin…

Duck Risotto

Duck Fat During the last few decades no fat was welcomed in our kitchens. Now we are coming back to a good fat. And chefs say the duck fat is one of the must-have ingredients. The duck fat is considered to be a good fat. The content of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat is high and the content of saturated…

Pearl Barley Risotto

If you like grains you will love pearl barley. This grain takes a well deserved place in the same rank with quinoa and buckwheat. Barley contains a good amount of protein that is comparable to the protein amount in quinoa and all legumes. Barley also has a very special soluble fibre. There was a study early this…

Vegan Wrap (Gluten Free)

Often when I have passed flat bread and wraps on the supermarket shelf I have had to make an effort not to stop. Now I make my own healthy wraps! And I am loving it. The recipe has so much potential, you can use it in many different ways with different fillings. It can be also used…

Quinoa Arancini

In Italian Arancini mean “Little Oranges”. Although, in some regions of Italy Arancini have conical shape, and in others – they are called just “Rice Balls”. I love Arancini, and the results of experimenting with Quinoa are below.