Janna Boulat

The brand ‘Magic Tablecloth’ was created from a simple idea to introduce a modern cuisine, which aims to heal and nourish. As with most people, time was always an issue for me as a working mother of three. However, I learnt to cook food that is both nourishing and exciting.

My family and friends asked me to write my unique recipes down, and that is how it all started for me many years ago. Magic Tablecloth recipes aim to use only wholesome products to create these unique recipes, which are also quick and easy to cook. You will find a few traditional favourites adapted to incorporate super-foods, also local and seasonal produce. I strive to make my recipes sugar free, and most of them are dairy and gluten free.

Magic Tablecloth aims to help anyone who wants to transform their well-being, lose weight or heal by cooking nourishing meals. It has been many years since I took an interest in researching the health benefits of certain products and began experimenting with my recipes. I am proud of how far I have come and will be thrilled if Magic Tablecloth can help you too.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very good idea!


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