The brand ‘Magic Tablecloth’ was created from a simple idea. Traditional cooking was focused on ensuring that everyone had enough to eat, but modern cuisine also aims to be delicious, diverse and healthy.

Globalisation has enabled cooks to use new products and cooking styles with delicious results. Magazines and blogs regularly promote super-foods that are newly ‘discovered’, and we are left wondering about how to integrate these products into our meals. Often these products are not new, they have just never been in widespread use. Certain products which appear novel to us have been cooked in specific regions for centuries; such as Quinoa in South America and Kale in Europe. ‘Magic Tablecloth’ aims to use these products to create exciting modern recipes and improve on the traditional favourites.

The mixing of foods from different regions creates delicious recipes. ‘Magic Tablecloth’ aims to help the adventurous cook to experiment with products and breathe new life into a kitchen through recipes that are delicious, diverse and healthy.

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