Pumpkin Soup Recipe

The pumpkin is a large fruit that is so versatile that it can be used in many sweet and savoury dishes. Pumpkin is packed with vitamins and minerals. Of note, it is very high in vitamin A and C, potassium and the minerals copper and phosphorous. Pumpkin is also very low in calories.

NPK fertilizer is often used to grow pumpkin. NPK stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. One study from 2012 evaluated the influence of NPK fertilizer on protein, fibre, fat and carbohydrates, which collectively are called proximate content. The main focus of the study was to assess the effect of NPK fertiliser on antioxidant activities and antioxidant phenolic compounds in immature and mature fruits of pumpkin. It was found that ‘Between the control and the highest fertilizer rate, proximate compositions decreased by 7–62% while the antioxidant profile decreased by 13–79% for both immature and mature fruits. Across all the measured parameters, mature fruit had higher proximate contents and higher antioxidant concentrations.’ (Food Chemistry, Volume 135, Issue 2, 15 November 2012, Pages 460-463)  It seems like buying very ripe pumpkin is a good idea. The conclusion made was ‘ For the high health value of pumpkin fruits to be maintained, little or no NPK fertilizer should be applied.’ Unfortunately, considering NPK can be organic fertilizer, how do we know how much of it was used in the pumpkin we buy?

Here it is my version of pumpkin soup that can convert anyone into becoming a pumpkin soup lover.


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Pumpkin Soup

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Fish Stew Recipe


Fish is a healthy protein. It is a good source of Phosphorus, which is needed to build strong bones and teeth, and also filters out waste in your kidneys. Loads of information on the health benefits of fish is available now.

What I find amazing about the fish it is how it impacts blood sugar levels. I experimented with this with one of my family members who is 73 years old and has diabetes. The blood sugar levels in the morning were constantly showing between 9 and 11, and an opinion was formed that this health condition of 20 years cannot be improved due to age. I convinced them to eat fish and vegetables for lunch and dinner just for one week. Fortunately, the schedule was followed and after a few days the morning blood sugar levels showed 5.5, which is better than mine! (The same medication was taken.)

I know this diet is not the most convenient one as it is not easy to buy fresh fish every day and find different ways of cooking it.

Check out my Coconut Fish post, that recipe is very simple and meal portions can be frozen too. The below recipe has more ingredients but it is still simple and can be also frozen.


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Fish Stew

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Cannellini Soup Recipe

No wonder this long winter 2015 in Melbourne feels unusually cold. They say it is the coldest winter in 25 years, and I say it is long enough to exhaust all ideas for various soups. If you are one of us who might be feeling a desire for a simple and comforting soup, here I am again with the quick and simple delicious recipe where you will need only ordinary ingredients. Also, kids love it!


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Cannellini Soup

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Alkalising Soup Recipe

Alkaline Diet

There has recently been so much interest in the PH impact from the food we consume that it generated just enough material for everyone on the Internet. Happy reading!

The only important thing we need to remember is that to achieve a good balanced system in our body we need to eat  good food. Of course, you could eat and drink bi-carb soda if you have to, but it is not going to work if you consume sugar and fatty fried starch. The real benefit of the alkaline diet is in eating healthy, there is nothing new really.

Consider this soup below as a medicine, as it contains all the most alkalising products :-).


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Chickpea Stew Recipe.

Famous Hummus, Middle-Eastern dip, is made of Chickpea. Hummus is a smart vegan dish. Like most legumes, Chickpeas are rich in protein, iron, calcium, and vitamins. Chickpeas also stand out for its lipid content; lipid is a better word for fat.

There is also Chickpea flour that is called Besan Flour. It is now produced in Australia and becoming more and more popular. If you replace wheat flour with Besan flour for a thickener you will reduce the carbohydrate content two fold, and also get gluten down to nil.

You can buy canned Chickpeas to save you time or use dried Chickpeas to preserve the nutritional value of the product.

Red Lentil Soup Recipe.

There is ‘The National Lentil Festival’ in Pullman of Washington where the citizens get together to enjoy and celebrate Lentils every year just before the university term starts.

Among all starchy foods legumes are the best option because they have slowly digested or resistant starch. There are no hidden secrets with Lentils. It is a common knowledge that Lentils are high in nutritional value and have a lot of health benefits. Wikipedia has a comprehensive article with general information on Lentils.

I have a simple Lentil soup recipe which takes 15-30 minutes to cook depending on the type of Lentils you choose. For those who are trying to lose weight (or save) this is a really great meal for dinner. I always have a pack of red Lentils in my pantry in case I need to cook a quick unplanned meal. I use red Lentils for the soup because they require a shorter cooking time than green Lentils. The nutritional content of both types is very similar. Although whole green Lentils are higher in dietary fibre content and therefore have lower GI, whereas red Lentils are split, which means red Lentil sugars are digested earlier.

When experimenting with lentils we need to remember something about cooking that relates to any starchy food: add spices and acidic components after the lentils are cooked.

Lentil Soup

Red Lentil Soup

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