Bunless Burger

If you are convinced of the benefits of the fermented food and practising it or using white cabbage in your cooking, then this will help you make the most of it. When I ferment the cabbage or cook Borsch I usually cut off the top of the cabbage, all those thin leaves. If previously I…

French  Fennel Soup

What a classic favourite is the French Onion Soup! In this recipe I am mimicking it but using fennel instead of onions. The taste overcame my expectations. My challenge was to  somehow get grilled cheese and some crust into the soup without using a bread. I have come up with a few options. At first…

Grilled Salad

If you love your vegetables and want to try a new way of preparing them into a delicious salad, please read further.

Pulled Lamb Shoulder Bake

This is just a warm home made dish, which did not require any research, only imagination and creativity. I think it is a perfect meal for a winter weekend.

Cashew Feta Vegan Cheese

Cheese lovers might not approve my post. I consider myself lucky as I am well with goat or sheep dairy products whereas cow milk products don’t agree with me. A friend of mine, who is vegan, introduced me to an almond feta cheese and I loved it.

Zucchini Roulade

Surprise your friends and family with this unique dish, it is easy to make and it has all ordinary ingredients.

Marinated Zucchini Salad

A refreshing salad that can be prepared ahead of time. This salad has raw zucchini, and it is a perfect lunch for summer.

Celeriac Croquettes Recipe

Croquettes My recent holidays in Spain inspired me for croquettes. The tapas variations in Spain are endless, and the croquette is the most common one. Traditionally croquettes are made with potatoes. There are regions in Spain that use paella for croquettes. My new croquette recipe uses celeriac that is sometimes called “root of celery”. This vegetable is…

Teff Polenta Recipe

In Tzatziki and Teff Crackers post we discussed the health benefits of teff. This recipe will be loved by those who enjoy corn polenta but wish it had less carbs and more protein. Adding olives and cheese is just my improvisation that adds more flavours, you can also experiment with herbs and seeds. This polenta is best to accompany any  dish with…

Apricot Paste Recipe

Beautiful apricots are now ripe and sweet across Australia. This simple delicious addition to your cheese board is full of Christmas spirit. This paste is prepared with raw apricots and takes only 10 minutes. Apricot Paste Ingredients: 500g Apricot, very ripe 1/8 cup semisweet or sweet white wine 1g agar (European, fine quality) * Fine…