Wholesome Salad

A simple salad with a twist is a perfect meal for a super-healthy lunch or dinner. Replace with any of your favourite proteins and give it a new taste!

Protein Cookies

These protein cookies are not sweet, and they have about 120 g of protein in total, each cookie has 10g of plant protein.

Zucchini Patties

Zucchini Did you know that zucchini is a fruit? In addition to the inelegance of this fruit, a green zucchini looks very similar to a cucumber. Nutritional values of both are similar too, a zucchini is a little higher in calories and protein, whereas a cucumber is higher in its fibre content. The vitamin and mineral content is significantly higher…

Brown Lentil Hummus Recipe

I had a few posts on legumes previously, please search ‘legumes’ to access them. Lentils are a high protein, high fibre member of the legume family. Traditional hummus is made of chickpeas, and chickpea hummus is a very smart food. Here is a comparison of the brown lentil and the chickpea for your review: One cup of…

Tzatziki and Teff Crackers Recipe

Teff Teff is a fine grain, it is less than 1mm diameter. Traditional Ethiopian bread is made using fermented teff flour, which is naturally gluten free. Teff, being a tiny grain, is rich in fibre. Teff also contains similar amounts of protein as lentils, about 13%. This suggested recipe below is simple but a great entertainer. It is a…


Calcium It is easy to increase calcium intake for anyone who loves dairy products; there is such a variety of dairy products on Australian market. And if you are vegan? Or, if you have developed an intolerance to dairy products, then it is more complicated. After reading a few articles on calcium, I made a list of non-diary…

Quinoa Pumpernickel

Pumpernickel is originally from the region of Germany called Westphalia. However, versions of Pumpernickel are also popular in the Netherlands where it is known as Roggebrood and has been a part of the local cuisine for centuries. The traditional Westphalian Pumpernickel is a whole-grain bread made from rye flour and coarse rye meal. The bread is baked…

Quinoa Arancini

In Italian Arancini mean “Little Oranges”. Although, in some regions of Italy Arancini have conical shape, and in others – they are called just “Rice Balls”. I love Arancini, and the results of experimenting with Quinoa are below.

Quinoa Porridge

Breakfast is the most exciting meal of the day for me. And the Quinoa is one of my morning favourites. This porridge is very special. It is dairy free and made with pumpkin also with no sugar added. It can be stored in a refrigerator for five days, or even frozen.

Quinoa Pilaf

Quinoa is another miraculous product. The year 2013  was officially declared as “The International Year of the Quinoa” by Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. First, it is famous for having a high-protein content, which makes it a great cholesterol-free and low-fat source of protein. It can be said that Quinoa is a complete protein…