Celeriac Croquettes Recipe


My recent holidays in Spain inspired me for croquettes. The tapas variations in Spain are endless, and the croquette is the most common one. Traditionally croquettes are made with potatoes. There are regions in Spain that use paella for croquettes.

My new croquette recipe uses celeriac that is sometimes called “root of celery”. This vegetable is rich with vitamins and minerals, and it is twice less calories than potato.

Another ingredient that is a vital part of the traditional croquette recipe is the bread crumbs to keep the shape and make a crust. I am replacing bread crumbs with fine oatmeal. Also, I am using an ingredient that will help me to make a perfect croquette shape, see below 🙂

Magic Tablecloth

Celeriac Croquettes


500g celeriac, cleaned and chopped
70g pecorino cheese, shredded
10g dry mushrooms porcini, grated
20 button mushrooms, small
1 cup oat bran
2 eggs, beaten
Salt and pepper


1. Steam the prepared celeriac until soft. While the cooked celeriac is still hot, mash with grated dry mushrooms, cheese and pepper, then set to cool in the fridge.
2. Pull the stems out of the mushrooms and season inside the caps. Construct a croquette using two mushroom caps and the celeriac mixture in between.

Magic Tablecloth

3. Roll each croquette in the oatmeal, dip into the beaten eggs, then roll in oats again.

Magic Tablecloth

5. First option: spray the croquettes with oil and bake at 180C for 25 minutes with  no fan. Second option: Hot air fryer.

Magic Tablecloth

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