Hearty Winter Soup

A very comforting meal that is perfect for a cold winter, which is also highly nutritious, full of fibre and protein.

Orange Duck Legs

Hope you will have a try on this recipe, as it is something unique. The duck meat is gamey, however, with this method the result is very tender with unforgettable flavours.

Spicy Capsicum Soup Recipe

Dear Melburnians, This is for you, from me with love 🙂 The winter will be over soon, my nectarine tree is full of buds and my daffodils are out! Ingredients:

Seaweed Wagyu Beef Recipe

Wagyu Beef Wagyu beef is fatty, but there is something special about this meat. The ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fat is much higher in Wagyu than any other beef. Monounsaturated fat could have positive effects on heart health. The serving sizes of the Wagyu dishes are very small, so if you like a big…

Duck Risotto

Duck Fat During the last few decades no fat was welcomed in our kitchens. Now we are coming back to a good fat. And chefs say the duck fat is one of the must-have ingredients. The duck fat is considered to be a good fat. The content of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat is high and the content of saturated…

Veal Terrine

Shanks meat is tough, and it is also loaded with connective tissue. There is a belief that consuming meat with connective tissue is extremely good for health. Slow cooking is a perfect way to release all the goodness of the veal. Veal Terrine Ingredients:

Pearl Barley Risotto

If you like grains you will love pearl barley. This grain takes a well deserved place in the same rank with quinoa and buckwheat. Barley contains a good amount of protein that is comparable to the protein amount in quinoa and all legumes. Barley also has a very special soluble fibre. There was a study early this…