Moroccan Lamb and Chickpeas

So many ways to make a lamb shoulder, and still we come up with the new ideas. This whole pot is amazing regardless what legume you are going to use. Green or brown lentils are amazing too.

Pulled Lamb Shoulder Bake

This is just a warm home made dish, which did not require any research, only imagination and creativity. I think it is a perfect meal for a winter weekend.

Spicy Capsicum Soup Recipe

Dear Melburnians, This is for you, from me with love 🙂 The winter will be over soon, my nectarine tree is full of buds and my daffodils are out! Ingredients:

Lazy Lamb

Feeding Babies There are special people in our lives who we have to feed and we spend a good amount of our time doing this. These are our children who all vary in their appetites. Once I made the following conclusion: the earlier you start to introduce various ingredients into their diet, the easier your life…