Pearl Barley Risotto Recipe

If you like grains you will love pearl barley. This grain takes a well deserved place in the same rank with quinoa and buckwheat. Barley contains a good amount of protein that is comparable to the protein amount in quinoa and all legumes. Barley also has a very special soluble fibre. There was a study early this year to investigate the effect of barley on cholesterol metabolism. One group of hamsters was fed barley bran and another was fed oats bran. Both lowered the concentration of plasma LDL-cholesterol significantly in comparison to the control group, although barley outperformed Oats in some other parameters. In conclusion, the article states ‘These results indicate that dietary …(barley bran).. reduces the concentration of plasma LDL cholesterol by promoting the excretion of fecal lipids, and regulating the activities’ …of the special enzymes that catalyse a reduction reaction. (Food Chemistry, Volume 169, 15 February 2015, Pages 344-349)


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Lazy Lamb Recipe

Feeding Babies

There are special people in our lives who we have to feed and we spend a good amount of our time doing this. These are our children who all vary in their appetites. Once I made the following conclusion: the earlier you start to introduce various ingredients into their diet, the easier your life and your child’s life will be later. Continue reading