Magic Tablecloth Products

Magic Tablecloth offers Healthy Recipes in the format suitable for your lifestyle and needs. Find below links to the printed books, eBooks with seasonal meal plans or special diet based meal plans. Each recipe has rich metadata that will allow you to customise your daily meals based on nutritional information.

Heal and nourish this summer with delicious meals

This edition includes recipes perfectly suited for a summer’s day. This book reflects a one week meal plan suitable for a busy family, but this menu can also be spread over as many days as you like. The individual meals are also suitable for children, however a day plan will be for consideration.

Single purchase price $5.95AUD

Make your Vegan diet more exciting and nutritious

It is a challenge being a Vegan diet to have a well balanced nutritious meal. As it is very easy to consume more carbohydrates than proteins on the Vegan diet. We explored plant based proteins and created exciting and nutritious recipes, that are loved by everyone.

Coming soon

Diabetic friendly desserts are suitable for everyone

If you are missing out on desserts during celebrations because you have diabetes or you count the calories, start making and sharing these desserts, surprise everyone! The results will be consistent because the recipes are simple and have very detailed instructions.

Coming soon

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