Vegan AliOli.

Once I tried an amazing AliOli in Spain, only in one town and one restaurant. Nowhere else in Spain I could find anything similar by taste and texture. And, it’s been five years of me trying to reproduce it. Well, I couldn’t.

But I learnt to make so many mayonnaise variations! I perfected my technique so well, that it seems anything I throw into that jar the result is always consistent. Below recipe is one of them, that I call Vegan AliOli. It is a great dressing for any salad or a sauce for your proteins. Enjoy the method and experiment with ingredients.

Vegan AliOli


3 tsp white chia seeds
50g filtered water
10g Dijon mustard
10 ml fresh lemon juice
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp Table salt
1/3 tsp ground pepper
150ml light olive oil
50ml extra virgin olive oil
*1 litre jar for blending, stick blender


  1. Pour water into the jar, add chia seeds and mix. Add all other ingredients except the oils. Leave the jar and the oils at the room temperature for about 30 minutes. The aim is to have all ingredients at the same temperature.
  2. Pour the oils over the mixture, let all settle. Then lower the stick blender to the very bottom at the angle so all air comes up. Switch on the high speed first, then as you see white clouds at the bottom of the jar, reduce the speed to medium and start very slowly moving up. The cloud should follow your blender.
  3. Once on the top, reduce the speed to low and move in circles to mix it all. Transfer into a glass jar and enjoy.

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