Freekah Salad

If you embraced Quinoa years ago, you will love Freekeh/Freekah. It is packed with prebiotics and nutrients, has lots of fibre (about 10%), high protein content for a grain (about 15%).

The only thing we need to be aware of is that Freekah is a wheat grain, and it does contain some gluten. Although its GI is only 43  based on CSIRO Report: Freekeh Composition and Glycaemic Index Study so it is much more diabetic friendly than a normal wheat.

I have been really enjoying Freekah in my salads, which would have three main product groups in addition to the boiled Freekah: nut, fruit and greens. I suggest two versions below, for winter and summer. You can vary the products in each group, not sure if it is Freekah’s presence but the salad is always a great success!

Freekah  Salad

Ingredients Winter:
1/2 cup Freekah
200 g cauliflower
1/2 medium grapefruit
2 tbsp pistachio
15 g parsley
50 g kale leaves
50 g baby spinach
2 tbsp home made mayonnaise
Salt and Cayenne pepper

Ingredients Summer:
1/2 cup Freekah
1 cup sprouted mung beans
1 soft apple, Ginger Gold like
1/4 cup hazelnuts
15 g parsley
50 g beet leaves
50 g baby spinach
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper

1. Soak Freekah in lots of water, rinse, and cook in lightly salted water until soft and pleasant to eat. Cook in just enough water, no need to drain. Leave it to cool.
2. Finely dice the cauliflower, only florets,  cut nuts into smaller pieces, finely chop all the greens, dice the fruit.
3. Combine the ACV, oil and seasoning well, or use home made mayonnaise. Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy it fresh.

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