Coconut Bliss Balls

If you are familiar with Rafaello chocolates, you may find these balls similar to them. And, if you are avoiding gluten, sugar and dairy, you may find my Coconut Bliss Balls very satisfying.

For the health benefits of coconut please use the Coconut tag on my Blog. There are unique recipe posts with some research information on coconut, coconut water and coconut oil.

Similar to my Chocolate Truffles, these are also very cute for a present.

Coconut Bliss Balls


1.5 cup desiccated coconut
0.5 cup coconut flour, sieved
1/4 cup Xylitol
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 cup coconut yoghurt,  at the room temperature
1 tsp vanilla essence
1/4 cup coconut oil, melted
For step 3: extra desiccated coconut
* Measuring cups, standard tablespoon
* 24 mini-muffins paper cups


1. Take out the yoghurt from fridge an hour before. Mix all the dry ingredients.
2. Warm up the coconut oil. Combine all the ingredients very quickly, then continue to mix thoroughly until it thickens.
3. Take a piece of baking paper and spread two tablespoons of the  desiccated coconut over the paper.
4. Wash your hands but do not dry. Use the measuring tablespoon, fill it with the mixture, remove the excess, take it out into your palms and roll the ball. Then using one palm, roll the coconut ball in the desiccated coconut on the baking paper and place it into the individual paper cup. Repeat until all the mixture is used and 24 balls are made.
5. Place the tray with the balls  into a refrigerator for a few hours uncovered. After that, they can be stored in the tightly covered container in the fridge for two weeks.

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