Coffee No-cheese Cheesecake.

I needed a way to trick myself with a pseudo cheesecake. And here it is, my solution recipe. If you are allergic to dairy products like me, or lactose intolerant, I hope you will like this cake. The only warning I’d like to make is that this cake is best when served with a tea, not as good with a coffee.

This cake also may be a way to fulfil a dream of having only dessert for lunch 🙂 Why? Please see the ingredients below.

No-Cheese Cheesecake


700 g baked sweet potato (purple skin, white flesh)
1/3 cup decaf instant coffee, 25 g
1/3 cup hot water
2 tsp vanilla extract
3 eggs
2 tbsp monk fruit sugar, 20 g
1 cup Teff flour, 135 g
* spring form 20 cm


1. Bake potato in an oven at 190C/374F until very soft. Let it cool, peel and cut into chunks to prepare for processing.
2. Beat the eggs in the food processor until thick and consistent, not more than a minute.
3. Mix coffee and hot water to prepare the coffee. Add all the ingredients except the flour to the processor and run it until a smooth and consistent mixture.
4. Add Teff flour and process, use spatula to move thick dry parts from the walls and continue until you have a smooth mass. You can also do this in the bowl by using a spatula.
5. Use a layer of baking paper on the bottom and double layer for the wall of the spring form. Transfer the mass into a form and bake at 175C/167F for 35 minutes. Serve with any fruits or berries.

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