Warm Duck Salad

This is one of my favourite salads that I don’t prepare very often. It is probably not an every day salad, however, if you want to indulge yourself or surprise someone, this salad is a wonderful meal. It’s a symphony of sweet-sour and savoury, soft and crunchy, homely and gamey.

Magic Tablecloth

Warm Duck Salad


2 duck fillets, skin scored
1 red capsicum, large
1 golden sweet potato, small
8 asparagus stems
1 fennel bulb, small
100g cauliflower florets 


1 garlic clove, crushed
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 oranges (small-medium)
1/2 lemon, juiced
a pinch of cayenne pepper
Salt and pepper as desired

*Large container with the lid.


1.    Turn the oven on to 180C (356F). Juice oranges into a small saucepan, add cayenne pepper and bring to boil, reduce the heat and allow the volume to reduce almost by half. Switch off, add garlic and cover.
2. Wash the sweet potato and microwave for 1-2 minutes. Peel and cut sweet potato into 1.5-2cm cubes and season to your taste.
3. Cut the fennel in half and arrange on the baking tray along with the whole capsicum and the sweet potato pieces. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until all soft. When ready, transfer into the container, keep covered.
4. In the meantime, cook the duck: make a few diagonal cuts through the duck skin, season and fry over medium heat on a dry pan first on skin until the most fat is rendered. Turn over and grill for 3 minutes on a stronger heat, then transfer onto the board and cover with a paper towel to rest.
5. Brake up asparagus into 2cm long pieces and put into the oven for a few minutes just to soften up. Don’t use the unbreakable bottom part. Add asparagus to the container and cover.
6. Slice the baked fennel and return to the container. Remove the capsicum skin and seeds, and coarsely cut, then return to the container, keep covered.
7. Slice the fillet meat diagonally into 3-5mm thick pieces, add to the salad. Mix the reduced orange juice, lemon juice, seasoning and light olive oil, dress the salad and mix.
8. Finely dice cauliflower and serve the salad warm and well sprinkled with fine cauliflower.
* You can pour duck fat into the glass jar and keep it in the fridge for months. It’s great for meat loafs.

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