Fresh Fig Pie

Figs belong to Mulberry family. Figs are one of the richest plant sources of a variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B, C and K, also calcium and iron. So, the fig is a healthy and versatile ingredient. However, they are very delicate and it is difficult to store them. If you have a large tree, then you need to be creative in finding ways to utilise the figs during their season.

Although, there are so many recipes offered on the Internet, I consider my recipe unique, which I have created via many adjustments. (Also, while trialing I was using many other fruits, however having fresh figs in mind!) The figs are not just delicate in their physical appearance, they are also very difficult to pair with the dough type, especially for this wheat free and sugar free version of it 🙂

Please try this pie below, it is really a rare treat.

Fresh Fig Pie

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