Trout and Beetroot Salad

Enjoy this divine salad. It’s a perfect entrée for any occasion and season. Dairy free and gluten free, but it had to have leek, my apologies to those with fructose intolerance.

Trout and Beetroot Salad


1 tainbow trout
Cooking salt
15 cm white leek
500g white sweet potato, purple skin
800g beetroot
1/2 cup mayonnaise
*1-2 days required to cure the
* Springform (~20cm)


1. The day before: Fillet the fish and salt in about 2 tablespoons of cooking salt for max 17 hours only. Alternatively cover the whole cleaned and scaled trout in copious amounts of cooking salt for 37-48 hours. Wrap in plastic bag and store in the chiller section of the fridge overnight.
2. Boil the beetroots for 40 minutes on low heat. Check their readiness by using a toothpick, it should go through to the middle without too much resistance. Drain the water.
3. For the bottom layer: Dice the potatoes, and finely slice the leek. Add both to a pot with enough water to just cover the vegetables and cook on medium heat. Once soft, make a mash and press it to the bottom of the springform covered with baking paper.

Magic Tablecloth

4. Second layer: Wash, dry and fillet the fish if it was cured whole. Then dice the fillets and lay out evenly.

Magic Tablecloth

5. Third layer: Peel and coarsely grate the cooked beetroots. Add your favourite mayonnaise to the beetroot and mix. Make a third layer in the form with the mix, cover the spring form and place it in the fridge to set for a few hours.

Magic Tablecloth

6. Carefully remove the salad from the form, and cut into 6-8 segments like a cake. Serve chilled.

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