Trout and Beetroot Salad Recipe

Enjoy this divine salad. It’s a perfect entrée for any occasion and season. Dairy free and gluten free, but it had to have leek, my apologies to those with fructose intolerance.

Trout and Beetroot Salad


1 tainbow trout
Cooking salt
15 cm white leek
500g white sweet potato, purple skin
800g beetroot
1/2 cup mayonnaise
*1-2 days required to cure the
* Springform (~20cm)


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Trio Colour Salad Recipe

My Trio Colour Salad might sound too simple but it is elegant and very tasty. I also love this salad because:

  1. It’s convenient. The root vegetables can be stored very well, unlike the greens that you need to buy on a day. I use them raw in this salad so it is very quick to prepare.
  2. It’s excellent for weight management. These root vegetables are packed with nutrients, also are high in fibre that help to keep you feeling full longer and are also low in calories.
  3. It’s a healing salad. They reduce chronic inflammation due to Choline nutrient.
  4. It’s very healthy. Beets contain an antioxidant called Alpha-Lipoic acid, which has been shown to lower glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity.
  5. It’s beneficial for your health. Carrot is a unique source of vitamin A.

You will need this Strip Slicer

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