Cannellini Soup Recipe

No wonder this long winter 2015 in Melbourne feels unusually cold. They say it is the coldest winter in 25 years, and I say it is long enough to exhaust all ideas for various soups. If you are one of us who might be feeling a desire for a simple and comforting soup, here I am again with the quick and simple delicious recipe where you will need only ordinary ingredients. Also, kids love it!

Magic Tablecloth

Cannellini Soup


2 tablespoon oil
2 onions, diced
2 carrots, diced
1 sweet golden potato (about 300g), sliced
2 tablespoons dry parsley
1 tablespoon dry dill
2x400g cans cannellini beans
1 cup milk (your usual milk, any ‘milk’)
Optional: 1 teaspoon turmeric


1. Heat oil in a pot and cook diced onion and carrot for a few minutes constantly mixing.
2. Add sliced sweet potato and 600ml boiling water, season and slowly cook until potato is soft.
3. You can process the soup with an electrical blender or leave it chunky. Then add milk, parsley, dill, turmeric, drained and rinsed cannellini beans, heat it up just to simmer for a few minutes.

Magic Tablecloth

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