Radish Al Tonno

Daikon Radish

White daikon radish is an amazing root vegetable. First, its taste is very delicate if compared to other root vegetables. Also, daikon is juicy and refreshing. What I find most interesting about this radish is that it produces special starch digestive enzymes, as well as protein and fat digestive ones. However, the key property of daikon, the most beneficial for our health, is that daikon possesses anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. (Food Chemistry, Volume 161, 15 October 2014, Pages 176-180)

Daikon radish can be consumed raw, juiced or cooked in any way you prefer: boiled, baked, fried… It is also suitable for fermenting as daikon produces excellent probiotics. See Fermented Foods.

I haven’t been having pasta for a very long time and so I crave it sometimes. There are substitutes for wheat pasta of course, for example konjac pasta. Although konjac is good for filling you up with almost zero calories, I found it difficult to enjoy a konjac dish as much as traditional wheat pasta. A few weeks ago I realised that I don’t crave for the pasta itself but rather I miss the pasta sauces, such as Al Tonno, Funghi and Marinara. Al Tonno radish was my first creation this year. And I am very excited to share it.


Al Tonno Radish




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