Vegan Wrap (Gluten Free) Recipe

Often when I have passed flat bread and wraps on the supermarket shelf I have had to make an effort not to stop. Now I make my own healthy wraps! And I am loving it. The recipe has so much potential, you can use it in many different ways with different fillings. It can be also used for pies, especially if you are a fan of pot pies. Just imagine a chicken and mushroom pot pie topped with a parsnip top! Continue reading

Kale Pudding Recipe

Kale belongs to a plant family that exhibits a high level of Glucosinolates (GSLs), which are responsible for defending against bacteria, fungus and insects. GSLs also have various human health-promoting properties. In particular, one type of GSLs called Glucoraphanin is responsible for the popularity of Kale amongst fanatics of healthy eating. This is because it can react with water to produce a potent anticancer compound.
There are many interesting research articles on Kale. One that was published in the Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture in 2013 compared leafy kale populations from Italy, Portugal, and Turkey for their bioactive compound contents. Research found that “Portuguese samples showed higher phenolic and GLS amounts than Italian and Turkish kales, whereas some of the Italian samples were the richest in carotenoids”.
It is interesting that in order to utilise all the benefits of Kale we need to consume it crushed, as this is when all defence mechanisms are activated in the plant’s life.