Veal Terrine

Shanks meat is tough, and it is also loaded with connective tissue. There is a belief that consuming meat with connective tissue is extremely good for health. Slow cooking is a perfect way to release all the goodness of the veal.

Magic Tablecloth

Veal Terrine


2 veal shanks
1 kg casserole veal on the bone
3 bay leaf
1 tablespoon whole black pepper
2 carrots, peeled
3 clove garlic, minced
Salt as desired


1. Place all the veal into a pot and add water just to cover the meat. Add bay leaves, salt and peppercorns, and boil on low for 4 hours. The meat must be covered with stock all the time.
2. Retrieve all the meat and set aside to cool down enough to handle.
3. Sift the stock into a clean pot while it is hot.
4. Separate everything from the bones, finely cut it all with a knife (don’t process) and add to the pot with stock. Taste for seasoning.
5. Add carrots to the pot and slowly boil until the carrots are cooked but firm, remove and switch off the heat. Then immediately add the minced garlic.
6. Transfer the terrine into a form or container, decorate with sliced carrots and let it set in the fridge, preferably overnight.
7. Cut into portions and serve with horseradish.

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